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What are prefabricated roof curbs?

Major functions of prefabricated roof curbs

The major functions of prefabricated roof curbs include protection and diversion; they help keep water from collecting in certain areas of a roof which can lead to damage over time. Roof curbs look like large, metal sleeves and slip over a chimney or roof vent. Once installed, they form a water-tight seal that cannot be penetrated.

This keeps the support beams and roof joists strong and durable, rather than becomming weak and rotting. They are available in many different configurations, including canted, cantless, raised cant and self-flashing. Each perform a specific function according to your specifications, so it is extremely important that your figures are accurate.

The construction of prefabricated roof curbs makes them useful in many different applications, which adds to their versatility. Because they are made from metals like aluminum and stainless steel, they are also suited for all environments; both metals repel rust and corrosion. Some standard features include wood nailers and fiberglass insulators. Paired with other options, like double or single-pitched mounting and metal liners, they can be super-productive.

Manufacturers of prefabricated roof curbs

Manufacturers of prefabricated roof curbs can create customized units to sit on top of chimneys or roof vents that require special configurations. For example, some large, industrial facilities have specifications that cannot be matched to standard roof curb dimensions. The manufacturer's main goal is to provide you with the product that best fits the situation. They have the ability to sketch drawings according to your needs and construct well-built roof curbs that will perform their functions flawlessly.

As you work with the manufacturer, you will also able to make changes before the final product is completed. Your input becomes part of the process. This means they will definitely keep you well-informed and seek your permission to alter configurations or measurements to guarantee the ideal unit.

This is one of the main reasons to work with a manufacturer, rather than a retail dealer. Retailers cannot create one of a kind units, they only sell what they have in their inventory. While this is generally fine for most projects, those that require special parts or features will not be pleased with their limited selections.

Once your roof curbs are complete, the manufacturer is responsible for overseeing the quality control aspect. They must ensure that your product passes all certification and safety requirements, before you take possession.

Self-installation of prefabricated roof curbs

Self installation of prefabricated roof curbs is highly discouraged, unless you work in the industry. This is because to successfully install roof curbs, you need a certain level of skill and expertise. You need to have knowledge of electrical and ventilation systems and understand how to read blueprints and schematics.

The prefabricated roof curbs cover the vents which means you must identify the current ventilation system to make sure the ducts are perfectly aligned. And, since the entire exhaust system is electric, you will be working with circuit breakers, fuse boxes and other electrical enclosures. If you are not certain on how to proceed, you may cause major damage to the structure or the existing systems.